viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

The unnamed feeling

Been here before couldn't say I liked it
Then do I start writing all this down
Just let me plug you into my world
Can't you help me be un-crazy.

Name this for me, heat the cold air
Take the chill off of my life
And if I could I'd turn my eyes
To look inside to see what's coming.

Then the unnamed feeling,
Ii comes alive.
Then the unnamed feeling
takes me away.

I'm frantic in your soothing arms
I cannot sleep in this down filled world
Found safety in this loneliness
But I cannot stand it anymore.

Cross my heart hope not to die
Swallow evil, ride the sky
Lose myself in a crowded room
You fool, you fool, it'll be here soon.

Then the unnamed feeling,
it comes alive.
Then the unnamed feeling,
treats me this way
And I wait for this train
Toes over the line
Then the unnamed feeling
It takes me away, it takes me..

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